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 Whether you’re after something small and portable for personal use or something tough and powerful for commercial or farm use, Honda generators are your first choice for backup power.

There’s a Honda generator to power your needs and get the job done. The quietest and cleanest on the market, delivering low noise and emissions across the range. 

Explore the range of Honda Inverter and D-AVR Generators below.

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Choosing the right generator

Choosing the right generator

Not sure which generator is right for your needs? We have a range of resources to help you choose including our generator calculator.

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have questions? Try our generator faqs

How big a generator do I need?

It all depends on what you are wanting to run off the generator and how often. If it's for camping then a smaller unit maybe preferable whereas for home back up a larger unit will be needed. It is best to write a list on what you want to run and then find out what wattage each item needs and add it up.

Always discuss with an authorised Honda Dealer who will be able to advise you on the best generator for you.

Can I connect my generator to my household power supply?

It is not recommended to connect your Honda generator to your household power supply. In the wrong circumstances, power can be fed back into the power grid harming someone doing repairs to the power grid. Honda generators are general purpose generators and not for use as primary power in place of the power utility or for use in life support systems.

How quiet are generators?

Honda generators are known for quiet operation and has engineered exceptionally quiet portable models. While a camping application may require a super quiet EU series choice, home standby and construction applications, due to the size of engine and power output run at a higher sound level.

Is electric start required?

Honda offers many models with the convenience of an electric start.

How should I break in my EU10 generator?

Do not use the eco-throttle for the first few tanks of fuel and only use at 60% capacity for the first few uses.

Are there any how-to videos available online?

Honda Power Equipment has some handy videos on YouTube for the EU20 and EU30 offering simple tips on how to set up your generator. Click here to go to the Honda Power Equipment channel.

What is start up load?

As a rule any item with a motor in it such as a angle grinder will have a start up load higher than its actual stated wattage on its specification label. A rule of thumb is to double the stated wattage as a minimum. For example a 600 watt grinder may draw up to 1200 watts before it drops back down to 600 watts. Items such as compressors need to be tripled due to very high load draw.

What is a resistive load?

Another rule of thumb is that anything related to lighting or heating such as a kettle is a constant 1:1 load. So a 2500 watt Kettle will take 2500 watts continuously until the water boils. In some cases our smaller units may not boil a kettle. A 60 watt light bulb will take 60 watts.

What is the difference between Maximum and continuous output?

A generator will have a maximum output that it can produce before it will trip the overload. The continuous rating is what the generator can do for long periods of time. Normally the continuous rating is 90% of its maximum output.

I don’t know the wattage but I know the amps.

To get the watts from the amp rating is as follows: amps x voltage = watts. So a 6 amp tool will be 6 x 230 = 1380 watts.

Do I need an Inverter or a standard Generator?

An inverter is ideal for running sensitive electronics such as laptops, TVs and coffee machines. A standard generator is better suited for running general power tools, household water pumps and most non-sensitive electronic products.

What does D-AVR mean?

In our EG range the voltage is regulated digitally which means it is a much cleaner quality of power supply than other traditional alternator generators. Not quite as good as an inverter but much closer than previous Honda models.

Can I run Eco throttle all of the time?

Eco throttle should only be used for short duration and for low wattage draw. It is recommended to run the generator at a high load for a period of time after extended eco throttle use to clear carbon deposits to prevent poor running. Continuous use of eco throttle with high loads can lead to damage of the inverter unit.

To make the generator quieter can I run it in a box?

As all Honda generators are air cooled they must be run with enough airflow to keep them cool or damage maybe caused due to overheating. Also exhaust gases must be able to be dispersed to prevent poor running and exposure to carbon monoxide for the operator.

Can I run a welder off my generator?

It is recommended that a welder not be run off our generators due to high draw. Continuous use can lead to damage of the AVR/Inverter board.

Which generator can be set up for auto start?

Certain models such as the EU70 and EG5500CX's can be adapted to auto start when the mains power fails. These are additional cost and must be fitted by a registered Honda installer. This is different to remote start.

What is remote start?

Remote start is where the generator is started by means of a remote much like a car alarm remote. There is a maximum line of sight range on these. Again only certain models can have this additional feature.

 More Questions? Talk to your local Honda Power Equipment dealer.

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